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Rupa Posted on 07/05/2020

I have attached my project zip file.

Support Team Replied on 08/05/2020

Can you describe the error a bit

Rupa Replied on 09/05/2020

when i run my project it login into the page and go to portfolio after that it have to type the mail id. the mail id is not typing and iam not getting any error. code is correct and i think y my code was not reaching at that point. i have zipped the project, u open and run it u will come to know


Rupa Replied on 10/05/2020

hello i have attached my project still no reply

Support Team Replied on 11/05/2020

Please always mention error with screenshot while posting

Request you to use some SOPs and debugging techniques as well to investigate

The issue is in your xls file. In the Data Column you have to specfy the Object Key for username but you specified the mail id



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