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Manoj Sharma Posted on 28/10/2021

I'm working on the TestNG hybrid framework. On lecture 2/3.

when I try to run a file ( by right-clicking on it.

I don't see the option to run as Java application or TestNG.

I see no options. need help stuck here, can't run code. 


Run as shows "Run configurations"

Ashish Thakur Replied on 01/11/2021

Have you created @Test Annotation inside it

It should be present in order for the test to be executed.

Manoj Sharma Replied on 02/11/2021

Yes Ashish I have the @Test annotation and I have spent time on google/stackoverflow to try figure this out. 

I even made a new project from scratch out of frustration and installed a new Eclipse. I have been stuck for a few days now due to some minor issue that needs resolving. 

Manoj Sharma Replied on 02/11/2021

If I create a main method in the test classes it does show me the option to run it as "java application". without it I see no option.

I have TestNG and selenium files downloaded through Maven dependencies. 

Manoj Sharma Replied on 02/11/2021


Solution: install TesNG plugin for Eclipse from the Marketplace

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