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rajan.kaushik1987 Posted on 07/10/2021

Hi Ashish,

As you explained, I have putted all the exe of all browser in one folder and path of this folder set in enviornment variable.All browsers except edge are open smoothly without setting property but in case of edge I am getting error. when I set property for edge ,it also works smoothly.After setting enviornment variable, I have restarted the eclipse as well as my system but still I am getting error. Can you please give me solution for this.screenshot of error is below:-


rajan.kaushik1987 Replied on 08/10/2021

I am getting error in doing profiling of Edge also.

I am getting no suggestion in using following functions and keywords:-





Below is the screenshot of my code:-


Responsive image




Ashish Replied on 11/10/2021

Which version of selenium are you using. Also attach your java file

rajan.kaushik1987 Replied on 11/10/2021

I am using 3.141.59 version of selenium. I have attached java file also.Kindly go through it.

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