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Develop concepts on Loops, Java Arrays, Functions and learn how they are used practically
  • Concatenation and comparison operators
  • Logical operators - &,&&,|,||
  • % operator
  • Strings in Java
  • String functions in Java and usage in selenium
  • Post and pre Increment Operators
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You will learn about Arrays, storing test data in arrays, functions and usages.
  • Single Dimensional Arrays
  • Two Dimensional Arrays
  • Usage of Arrays in Selenium
  • Object array
  • Functions
  • Re-usability with functions
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  • Objects and Object References
  • Meaning of static
  • Local Variables
  • Global Variables
  • Static and Non-Static Variables
  • Static and Non-Static Functions
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  • Inheritance and its usages and implementation
  • Overloading
  • Function Overloading and constructor Overloading
  • Overriding
  • Referencing Object of child class with reference of parent class
  • Object Class
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  • Relevence of Packages
  • Creating Packages
  • Accessing modifiers - Public, Private, Default, Protected
  • Accessing Classes Across Packages
  • Organizing your selenium project with packages
  • Importance of exception handling
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  • What is TestNG
  • How TestNG helps in Project?
  • Installing TestNG
  • Building Test Cases
  • Prioritizing Test Cases
  • Assertions/Reporting Errors
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  • Annotations in TestNG
  • Understanding usage of annotations
  • Parameterize Tests - @DataProvider
  • Putting @Dataproviders for multiple tests in a single file
  • Skipping Tests
  • Batch Running of Test Cases
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  • TestNg Maven Configuration
  • Maven Surefire plugin for TestNG
  • Executing testng.xml from maven
  • Create Project Executable Bat File
  • Re - Running failed test cases
  • Parallel Execution of Test Cases
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  • Report Generation with Extent Reports
  • Creating custom Extent Reports File
  • ExtentSparkReporter class
  • Other Reporters
  • Creating Dynamic Report folder for every Run
  • Batch Running and creating reports
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We will start developing a Project Structure which will help us later on in framework design.
  • Creating a Project Structure
  • Create Test Base Class
  • Creating single function for report generation
Implement DataProviders for managing data and Listeners for managing the passing, failing and skiping tests in reports.
  • Single Data Provider for all tests in a suite
  • DataProviders - Single Data Provider for 1 test suite
  • Implement Listeners
  • Reporting Failures, Passes, Skips in a test using listener and ITestResult Interface
Group your Smoke/Sanity and other tests. Run them and email team members. You can also re-run failed tests
  • Reporting multiple failures in single test with screenshots
  • Grouping Tests
  • Batch Running Suites and Tests
  • Running Project from Maven
  • Re-running failed tests
  • Parallel Execution
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  • Running some tests on one browser and some on another
  • Running all tests multiple times on different browsers
  • Dependencies between tests and groups
  • Run From Maven
  • Run Parallel Tests
  • Mail the reports
  • Downloading Driver Exes
  • Geckodriver for Firefox in WebDriver
  • ChromeDriver, FirefoxDriver, InternetExplorerDriver, EdgeDriver
  • First Selenium Code
  • Dos and Donts when working with different browsers
  • Browser startup Exceptions
  • Profiling in Browsers
  • Why Do we need Profiling in Browsers
  • Firefox Profile
  • Proxy settings with webdriver-3/Working with proxy Servers
  • Managing https Certificate Errors
  • Disabling notifications, maximizing, Disabling info-bars
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  • Working with different browsers without changing code
  • WebDriver Interface and Implementing Classes
  • WebDriver Interface and usages
Build a reusable function which will help you to launch browser
  • Reusable function for launching browsers
You will inspect Page source, Identify/ Inspect the web components and write selenium code to interact with them
  • Identifying Elements
  • WebElement Interface
  • By Class and various locator strategies
  • HTML language tags and attributes
  • Inspecting elements in Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Edge
  • Various locator strategies
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Learn how you can extract more than one element or similar components from web page
  • Extracting Multiple Objects from a page
  • Building CSS Selectors and Xpaths representing multiple objects
  • Finding the response code of a URL
  • Finding response Headers/ response code
  • Finding whether object is present on page or not
Extract Links from a webpage, click on them one by one, check the response codes and validate the next page.
  • Method 1-Find the box
  • Method 2-Pattern in xpaths
  • Finding the HTTP response code of a URL
  • Various strategies to test Links on a page by clicking on them one by one
  • Validating Presence of Element on Page
  • Managing radio buttons and Checkboxes
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  • Importance of OOPs
  • Things to consider while development of framework
  • Parallel execution and dependency of tests
  • OOPs example demostrating inheritance, encapsulation and interfaces
  • Deciding Goals to be achieved
  • Implementing Page objects
  • Passign driver and other objects between page classes
  • Issues in primitive design
  • PageFactory Implementation
  • Building Base Page Class
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  • EmptyImplementing the WebDriverListener
  • Advantages of Custom Listener
  • Deciding Page Interfaces
  • Building Base Page class
  • Abstraction in Base Page class
  • Building Test Session Class
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  • EmptyBuilding the First Test Case in Object Oriented Fashion
  • Storing and retirving Driver from Session
  • Implementing One Session per Test Context
  • Building the WebConnector Layer
  • Building Constants File
  • Implementing Validations
  • Implementing SoftAssertions
  • Managing Current Page in Session
  • Managing Soft Assertions in the Framework
  • Extent Report Generation in Framework
  • Managing Reporter Object in Session
  • Reporting Failures in Report
  • Customized Reporting Functions
  • Taking Screenshots and Embedding in reports
  • Identifying elements with different locator stratergies
  • Validations and Listeners
  • Complete a single test with all the features of POM
  • One Page function returning multiple outcomes
  • Reading data from XLS
  • Building more test Cases
  • Custom Function for Data Reading
  • WaitForPageToLoad Function
  • Extracting Multiple Elements in Page Factory
  • @FindBys and @FindAll Differences and Implementation
  • Using encapsulation to manage headers
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  • Validation in different layers
  • Completing more testcases
  • Optionally Running the test cases
  • Managing Column Names
  • Managing common page elements like calendars, webtables
  • What if we dont have to use pagefactory
  • Should we use Page factory?
  • New Project without Page factory
  • EmptyCreating Test Base class
  • Parameterizing/Sharing single dataprovider for multiple test cases
  • Building TestSuite
  • Running Project from maven
  • Re-Running failed test cases
  • Implementing Grid
  • Emailing Reports
  • Configuring Jenkins
  • Running Project from Jenkins
  • Uploading project on Git
  • Connecting Jenkins from Git and Running
  • What is BDD
  • Cucumber implements BDD
  • Downloading Cucumber Jars
  • Preparing Features File having test scenarios
  • Writing a step definition
  • Writing Runner Class
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  • Download the Maven Dependencies for Cucumber, Selenium, Junit,Log4j
  • Create the Maven Project
  • Running simple feature/Step scenario
  • Introducing selenium layer - WebConnector
  • Building custom functions in WebConnector
  • Building a simple test case
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  • Installing MySQL Database and making some tables in it
  • java.sql package
  • JDBC Drivers
  • Connection Interface
  • Statement Interface
  • ResultSet Interface
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  • Installing tomcat
  • Creating Database of CRM application
  • Downloading and Deploying the CRM web application on Tomcat with ant
  • Running the webapp on Tomcat
  • Using Prepared statement to fire conditional select query
  • Validating login of customer with the database
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You will learn datadriven, hybrid, page object model and cucumber frameworks. Implement Reading data, batching running of tests, HTML report generation, integration with GRID and Jenkins in frameworks.
  • Building test suites and generating test cases and batch running tests
  • Read data from external files
  • Selectively/Optionally Run tests
  • Generate HTML reports
  • Understand Page Objects
  • Email Reports
  • External keywords governing the script execution
  • Parallel execution with GRID
  • Build centralized/reusable functions
  • Extent Reports - Reports, Logs, Screenshots
  • Report multiple failures in single script
  • Implement BDD with Cucumber
  • Generating a core framework structure which can be used with any project with minimum changes
  • Integrating framework with Jenkins
  • Implement Maven



Course Price

USD 135


Course Price

USD 75


  • 31 Jan 12:30 AM - 01:30 AM - EST

  • 23 Jan 08:30 PM - 09:30 PM - EST

Selenium FAQS


We offer 2 types of certificates.

Course Completion Certification: You get this if you opt for Selenium Videos or Online Selenium Training.

Certified Selenium Automation Tester: You get this certification if you clear our certification exam.


It's in the last week on every month.
Passing criteria is minimum 60% score.
Exam Information will come in your account.


In case you clear our certification exam(Certified Selenium Automation Tester), then we do help you in job search.
We have tie-ups with consultants.


We have given a lot of exercises, quizzes and multiple-choice questions which can help you learn in-depth.
More you focus on java, it will be easy to learn selenium and implement projects. We have made this process easy by introducing exercises and quizzes which help you learn faster.

Real-time scenarios and projects are covered in framework design. End to end framework designing is covered on live websites.
Working on real-time scenarios and frameworks is important but you have to first learn the tool and especially Java.


If you do not like the quality of the training and report us in 2 days of purchase then we will refund full amount.


If you are stuck in your company project or if you face issues/errors while learning, then we do help you out. We have a forum where you can post your questions along with code/screenshots.
In case the forum is not helping then we can also have an online session and help you