TestNG framework with selenium part-4 | Extent Reports in Selenium TestNG

TestNG Advanced Extent Report Generation | TestNG Tutorial Part 4 51 min


This TestNG framework tutorial explains extent reports,how to generate reports,how to build Bat file using ANT,what are listeners

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i have seen this video but can you please let me know how to store screenshots taken by webdriver into the folder which is created dynamically in the ExtentManager class. i have created the takeScreenShot in BaseTest class in DDT with junit framework but in that function how can i store screenshots in dynamically crated folder.

  • Trainer

    Create a variable say "screenshotpath" in extent manager. When reports are initialized, update this variable with screenshot path. You can access this variable later to store screenshots. This is also explained in frameworks

    • swinal

      Thank you so much for your help. yes it will work now. thanks for quick response.