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Roshan Karkera Posted on 22/07/2020

Hello Sir, 

I have completed hybrid and BBD framework and started practicing. Framework video are great and i was able to understand it much better. 

However, i am stuck at one case, need your support and advise that what should be done in such case.

I have a page called my CV where it has sections called work experience, employment preferences, education details , skills and training. For each section it has 20 columns of test data, so i created function for each section functionality like addEducation, add Work experience, add employment preferences, etc and added test for each section. 

I also created a test called UpdateMyCV, and i want all sections to be run under single test but as i told I cannot accommodate all sections data in same row as it is becoming very lengthy n complicated so i created separate test for each section. 

In my application, i need this as after registration, i need one test to do all section update in one go.

How i can run all test under updatemycv test? 

Ashish Replied on 23/07/2020

You have written separate @Test for all sections?

Roshan Karkera Replied on 24/07/2020

I created below as test

MyCv page contains Education, Work Expereince, Skill and Employment Preference section.

UpdateMyCv - I added all below columns again here so approx 75 column of data
AddEducation - This contains approx 20 column of data
AddWorkExperience - This contains approx 25 column of data
AddSkill - This contains approx 5 column of data
AddEmploymentPreference - This contains approx 25 column of data


addWorkExperience(); // Function here




Basically, I want something like if run UpdateMyCV test and when i call addWorkExperence,addEduation,etc funcntion (not test) then it should consume data from that particular test. I think this will require to add new if condition in Datautil may be but I don't know what is correct approach here.

Ashish Replied on 30/07/2020

You can add the same data in the Data for the current test.

Roshan Karkera 4 days ago

Hello Sir, yaa i did the same approach, I think thats the only best option here.

Thank sir for your response.

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