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dasmadhusmita99 Posted on 23/06/2020

Hi Sir

In my project we need to automate salesforce application.But as the elements are different than normal webpage facing issue and locating them.I am using text for most of them to locate.Is it ok?

Next can we use API to locate the elements.I can use salesforce inspector to get the API but how can I implement .

Could you please help.

Support Team Replied on 25/06/2020

can I have a screenshot?

dasmadhusmita99 Replied on 25/06/2020

Yes.I have attached the screenshot and highlighted the element .I want to get the "6 converted to engagement" value (status) for my validation.


But unable to get the attribute.

Support Team Replied on 27/06/2020

I dont see attachment

dasmadhusmita99 Replied on 27/06/2020

Oh I am so sorry.How I missed it.Attached it.

Responsive image

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