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rajan.kaushik1987 Posted on 17/02/2021

Hi Ashish,

I am following uploading and downloading of file video.I have wrote code in Auto It editor for the uploading file in URL "http://files.form.guide/contact-form/contact-form-attachment-1/contactform.php" instead of facebook but when I am running the generated exe file the upload window is not displaying but when I was running the notepad.exe file the upload window was displaying. could you please why this happening? I am pasting my Auto It code.

Thanks in advance.


$winHandle =WinGetHandle("Open")

Ashish Replied on 18/02/2021

You need to make sure that window is present

rajan.kaushik1987 Replied on 20/02/2021

Yes I am sure window is present when I click on browse button present on page of URL "http://files.form.guide/contact-form/contact-form-attachment-1/contactform.php" system is displaying upload window.

rajan.kaushik1987 Replied on 26/02/2021

I got the solution.Thanks

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