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dasmadhusmita99 Posted on 27/06/2020

I am creating a framework by myself for the firsttime in my project.I got stuck in between.

For one complete flow the control needs to come from one different window to the main home page again and perform some actions.


But I am confused now where I will write the test cases for the last actions in the homepage.Because as these actions are in homepage I should write in homepagetest class actually.But if I write in homepagetest class I need to call all the middlepage functions in homepage ..I do not know if I am making sense

Support Team Replied on 01/07/2020

All I can understand is that you have 2 windows. May be you have to switch from window 1 to window 2 and perform some actions.

You can write the swiching function in the webdriver layer of page object model.

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