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Sadhana Sontakke Posted on 13/05/2020

Hello  Ashish,


Is it possible for you to come online some time so that I can share my screen and show you though my projects creating the reports and screenshots but logs are not generating in the reports.


Need Your help regarding this.

JDK which version you are using?





Ashish Replied on 13/05/2020

Please use JDK 8

Selenium supports jdk 8

can be downloaded from:

Its easy to install

If you do not use JDK 8, you will face issues

If this doesnt help then we can look for online support.

Sadhana Sontakke Replied on 15/05/2020

okies thanks...

But still query I am using JDK12

if JDK8 supports selenium then JDK12 definately supports selenium right ??


Ashish Replied on 15/05/2020

Please read the selenium site and change logs

They have mentioned to use JDK 8

Sadhana Sontakke Replied on 25/05/2020

ok thanks will try ?

how about selenium exam I am intereted in giving but need detaisl from you when you are conducting now Hows the nature an dsyllabus from you.


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