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SM Rana Posted on 01/03/2021

Hi Ashish I have hart time to run Testng Runner Class in Cumcumber could you help me out with the testng runner Class plese 

Ashish Replied on 04/03/2021

Please map your feature file and implementation class in the runner file


SM Rana Replied on 04/03/2021

I am tolking about testng I dont have the Runner Class either

Ashish Replied on 07/03/2021

You are using the JUnit Runner class

You can use the testng runner as well. Watch the cucumber video, I have explained how to use the TestNG runner as well

SM Rana Replied on 08/03/2021

Sir I am try to used testng runner class I and download your code  but its not working, do not mind give me testng runner class code 

Ashish Replied on 10/03/2021

There must be som config issue.

Runner code is the same.

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