How We can shift Web driver control from One Browser Window to another Browser Window? | Selenium Forum
Sharat Khajuria Posted on 06/02/2020

There is one link on Web Page which opens New Form in New Tab of same Browser Window

When i am executing my script its working fine on WebPage till click

but after click, Form is diplayed in New tab of same Browser Window where webdriver control is not able to find any element of any form field

Kindly help to solve this Issue

Ashish Replied on 11/02/2020

Please refer to Module 15. We have covered in detail how we can handle Multiple tabs and popups. 

Sharat Khajuria Replied on 20/02/2020

Module 15 has explained to handle Multiple pop ups in Web page But its not given to Handle Tabbed Window in Same browser

So my problem is still not solved

Ashish Replied on 21/02/2020

Did you try executing the code?

This concept is also applicable for Multiple Tabs as well.