Appium Installation on Windows with Real Android Device 9

Appium Installation on Windows with Real Android Device 9 13 min

Concept of DesiredCapabilities, Appium Desired Capabilities and Mobile Capabilities, Launch Android Application using Appium Code, AndroidDriver in Appium

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This tutorial is for WIndows. Please use windows. Or you can also use VM and install windows in it.

  • Vidhyullatha Ganji, email:

    Yep, i knew its for windows. For setup Appium in mac, i referred video tutorial - 12 (part1 and part2). which is almost similar to windows, except download of few more installations required like (homebrew and node etc..). In the above answer, which you replied, you mean the Android device not required to be connected to eclipse in macboook. Because in end of part-1 of tutorial -12 you mentioned the device need to connected and should be able to get detect in the eclipse, but in video it does not have content showing how to connect, and if any errors faced are not shown...that is the reason i am checking. Please reply if any solution...