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Harshad W Posted on 31/10/2020

Hi Instructor,

I am confused with the following code. What is called? I was watching an video on ExtentReport. In the video, you created a new class called ExtentManager and in that you have created a method like this:

static ExtentReports reports;

public static ExtentReports getReports()
if(reports == null)
reports = new ExtentReports();


What is this concept? I know we can assign a reference to the object of a class.

For instance,

ExtentReports e  = new ExtentReports();

Do you have any examples on ExtentReports getReports()?  Or Can you provide me with a simple example?


Ashish Replied on 04/11/2020

Many test classes will be there. Each test class should come in 1 single report.

So 1 single report should have multiple test cases. This means just one object of report class should be formed. That is the reason, We have written code like that

Harshad W Replied on 04/11/2020

Yes, I understood that we are creating a method that will include reports of all tests. 


I am confused about this line you wrote in your code

public static ExtentReports getReports()

ClassName with method name.

Suppose I have a Dog class and when I want to assign a value to the reference variable after creating an object,  

int height;

Dog d = new Dog();

d.height = 5;

But in your code for the method you are writing like

public static ExtentReports getReports()

I am confused with this function declaration. Can you please help me understand.



Ashish Replied on 04/11/2020

public static int add() -> returns integer

public static ExtentReports getReports() -> returns object reference of extent reports

So in function ExtentReports  is the return type

Harshad W Replied on 06/11/2020

Got it. That was very simple. :)

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