Not able to play the videos under "Appium on IOS Real device simulator" where passcode is required | Appium Forum
Abhijit Mishrikotkar Posted on 01/02/2021

Hi Team,

I had posted a query on the forum on 8th Jan which I am unable to see it now. I am re-posting the query here, requesting you to please take this on priority and let me know the update.

The query was -- We are not able to play the videos under "Appium on IOS Real devicesimulator" where passcode is required even after passing the one provided by you.


We would like to udpate you that we are working on following post in our forum.
You will be hearing from us very soon.




I hope to get the response on this.


Thank you


Abhijit Mishrikotkar

Madhuri A Replied on 03/02/2021

+1 - Facing same issue. Blocked at work. Please help

Abhijit Mishrikotkar Replied on 22/02/2021

Hi Team,

Is there any update on this?

If there are no videos then please let us know?



Ashish Replied on 04/03/2021

I am building new videos on latest version of mac

Was busy in selenium updates earlier

AjjiboinaRaghuRamudu Replied on 12/09/2021


hi sir

please help me on this