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Recording is not in Sync Error Handling Concept

Amit Khurana Post on 07/10/2018

Hi Team,

I have been facing below 2 issues.

- Currently, I am on video-3 but there are lot of issues with the buffereing...Trainer is talking something different and video is presenting something else. For Ex-during presentation of "Raise" Method trainer is writing the code of raise method and scree which is visible is about the help menu for raise method and this is not the only instance, it;s just an example. Material and way of training is worth appreciating but due to this syncking issue, sometimes does understand the whole concept which is key goal.

-For error handling concept, couldn't understand becase error is in the 3rd line of code and you have written &Err.number in the 2nd line. Could not understand the concept of error handling. KIndly help to assist with understanding this concept as it's going to play a crucial role during live projects.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Amit Khurana

Amit Khurana Reply on 08/10/2018

Hi Team,

Kindly help to resolve the above issue.

Additionally, I am unable to download the code as well. File which is getting downloaded looks corrupted.

Please get it fixed ASAP as it's impacting the learning curve.

Thanks &  Regards,
Amit Khurana



Support Team Reply on 09/10/2018

Download will be fixed in sometime
We are going to replace video 3