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Intizar Chauhan Posted on 03/01/2022



I am trying to implementing Data Driven Automation framework from scratch and have copied all the code (function libraries etc) and made necessary changes according to my environment. 

when I have created LoginTest, 2 issues I am facing: script is getting stuck on the following line and not moving forward, i have declared Dim testData.

 Set testData = getData(envrionment(xlsPath"),envrionment("testDataSheet"),testName)


2- the below code always prints "skipping the test Testname" it does not matter if the value on the 3rd column is Y or N.

'check the run mode

If NOT getrunmode(testName) then

'skip the test

LogThis "Skipping the test" & testname


End if


Intizar Chauhan Replied on 03/01/2022

Sorry, my bad. Please ignore this as I found a typo in my code. Thanks.