Where to download jars files for ANT ? | Selenium Forum
Posted on 25/08/2015
In build.xml in ANT, we need to set a value which is a path for jars files.

<property name="ws.jars" value="xxxx">

Where to download those jars files ? In the video, Ashish said he would tell us where to download. But it seems he didn't mention it.

Replied on 25/08/2015

Where to download those jars files ?

download anywhere.

<property name="ws.jars" value="xxxx">

xxxx= c:/downloads

Replied on 26/08/2015

Thanks for your reply. I understand that those jar files can be saved in any directory in my local computer, and then set a path in build.xml. But my question was where to get those jar files ? e.g, download from some web site ? or copy from C:\Program Files\java directory ? Sorry for any confusion.

Replied on 27/08/2015

you have to search to Google.

"selenium jar files"
can be downloaded at seleniumhq.org
"ant download"
etc. etc.
it was covered in the videos