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Valerie Kollmann Posted on 07/01/2020


I am using the selenium hybrid framework with java. My test suite executes several tests and generates an extent report. When I try to view the extent report using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox, detail data and pie charts are missing and it is not formatted properly. The report used to display as expected but suddenly stopped about 1 week ago. If I copy this extent report file to a different computer and open the file using Chrome, Internet Explorer ot Firefox, all the detail data and pie charts are visible and it is formatted properly. I tried to compare the settings between the 2 computers but didn't notice anything that would impact displaying the extent report. Do you know what is causing this?

Ashish Replied on 09/01/2020

This might be something related to screen resolution. Please share the following details about both machines.

1. Screen Resolution

2 Browser Version

3 Operating System

Valerie Kollmann Replied on 14/01/2020

Both machines are set to the following:

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Browser Version: Internet Explorer 11.1565.16299.0

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise

Ashish Replied on 15/01/2020

try using Extent Reports 3. You can watch Hybrid Framework videos for this.