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youralok Posted on 19/03/2019

I am using your build.xml and trying to compile and email using command prompt, but am getting issues. I tried a lot to resolve the issues, but its not helping me. Please assist. See attached file.s

Ashish Thakur Replied on 20/03/2019

You need to specify the correct class path in Build.xml

youralok Replied on 22/03/2019

I am confused with customizing the build.xml file. I have copied it from your project and modified only the project name and path, but not sure how to change the class path. Please assist.

Also, do we have any specific video that explains on buidling the build.xml from scratch?

I checked quite a few videos, but didn't find any.

Ashish Thakur Replied on 23/03/2019

please watch the Send mail part correctly, you need to edit the classpath to the correct one in the build.xml line number 110

youralok Replied on 02/06/2023

Let's close this for now. If needed,  I will come back to this question.