Auto Suggestion Not loading in selenium | Selenium Forum
madhusudan Posted on 26/01/2023

Hello -All,

I'm facing the below issue while working with autosuggestion.

1. On Webpage we have a drop-down (Selected Using select)

2. On the Input box when we enter any value like (10,20) Internally there is an API call and an auto-suggestion list appears.

3. I'm able to find the auto-suggestion list. (able to locate elements in dom manual)

4. When I run the below code, elements are not attached to dom.

WebElement element = nimbusWebDriver.findElement(By.xpath(inputValuedropdownbeforeXpath + row + afterXpath));
List<WebElement> auto = autoSuggestion.findElements(By.tagName("div"));
int size = auto.size();
5. During the debug I found element is not attached dom, after selecting a different dropdown and selecting the same dropdown again
(manual ) able to see the element
6.No Shadow dom /iframe there.