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youralok Posted on 15/04/2022


I am working on TestNG Hybrid Framework for my product.

I do not want to use JSONObject as of now for anything especially for reading data from XLS. I am confused in setting up file due to that.

I would like to read data from XLS using some other way and use it in my project.

I remember earlier you had a setup in such a way that in one excel file, one sheet have test cases list and run mode, next sheet have test steps and 3rd sheet have data for the 2nd sheet - all in one

I want to setup similar way now.

Please assist ASAP.

Ashish Thakur Replied on 03/05/2022

JSONObject is for reading data from JSON and not xls file

Please use to read the data from xls

its explained in file reading video in initial sections of the course

youralok Replied on 02/06/2023

Let's close this for now. If needed,  I will come back to this question.