Will BDD type of framework supports for huge applications with 100 no of steps for each flow or Keyword driven ? | Selenium Forum
Bhale Uma Maheshwar Posted on 11/01/2021

We have huge application where we need to perform end to end automation testing.  This has min 1500 scenarios to automate on a whole. we had to automate on windows and mac environment as well. can we go ahead automate using BDD type of framework or Keyword type of framework. which will be good. Is it easy to maintain keywords in excel and manage such big framework or it will be easy to manage with BDD type using feature files.


Please provide your inputs on same. Waiting for your reply. Need your help on this as i need to do a demo customer saying which will best suitable framework.


Thanks in advance.

Ashish Replied on 17/01/2021

BDD is changing a lot and in past 1 year its changed and lot of new things have come up

I prefer using keyword driven as you have full control over it