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Query regarding reading a text file (Module 7)

Himanshi Post on 07/02/2020

Please look into the below code:


import java.io.*;

FileReader fr = new FileReader("D:\\JAVA_Projects\\test1.txt");
BufferedReader bfr = new BufferedReader(fr);

/*String x;
while((x=bfr.readLine()) != null)

while(bfr.readLine() != null)

In the above code commented while loop to print the multiple lines from a file is giving me the right output. 

But if I am executing uncommented while loop it is printing only the even num line. There are total 11 lines ina text file.

Attached a screenshot of both the loop.

I want to ask why is it necessary to assign the value of bfr.readline() method to a variable x of string type, why can't I write it directly?



Support Team Reply on 11/02/2020

Please cross-check the code. As i can see that you have not used x variable.

You need to read and store data in a variable and then need to access it. If you use the method used by you, this will call for another set of data every time when you mention .readLine() method.