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Please update your videos

Akhil Arora Post on 26/10/2018

Hi Ashish,

When are you going to update the videos, its still showing lot of things which have been deprecated like in Module 4, still the video there is of year 2014?

A lot of things have changed in Touch Actions class according to my knowledge since then. Please do this asap and I can see other people in the forum are complaining the same thing.

Akhil Arora Reply on 02/11/2018

Ashish, please respond.

Support Team Reply on 07/11/2018

We have given you access to latest batch videos
They are updated

Yes version of appium has changed and we are working on it
Please check in 1 week and you will see latest videos

Akhil Arora Reply on 10/11/2018

Yes I have access to Dec'17 videos.

That only has android videos. iOS videos are missing.

Even post that, a lot of new things have come up like isDeviceLocked, unlockDevice fucntions etc. Also, TouchActions class have changed, many functions have deprecated. So I was looking for that stuff.

I was actually preparing for the interviews, so was looking if i can get that asap.

Can you give me access to latest batch recordings if new videos upload is going to take time?



aditya Reply on 29/11/2018

As discussed  we have share latest batch recordings with udid concepts and hope that helps