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Amit Kumar Posted on 20/11/2019

Hi Team,

I have requirnemnt for running my Mobile test script on 02 iOS devices in sequential order like 
Step 1, 2  executed on app of Device A
Step 3 need to verify on Device B
Step 4 , need to do on Device A

Someting like to a messages app.

What i am doing is launching 02 appium server on diffrent port from my test scripts 

i am able to perform action on device A as per my Step 1and 2 and further on Device B Step 3 
now issue is from Device B i need to have my contor back to Device A (which is not working for me )
Can any one suggest how to proceed further 


Ashish Replied on 30/11/2019

Are you using different driver objects for this

Or using GRID?