Touch Actions class is deprectated Can you please update video for W3C actions to scroll down or up | Appium Forum
Esaikiappan Udayakumar Posted on 27/04/2024

TouchActions and MultiTouchActions classes are deprecated in Appium 2.0

Here's what you should use instead:

  • W3C Actions: This is a standardized API that works across different browsers and platforms. It provides methods for simulating touch gestures like taps, swipes, and pinches.

  • Driver-specific gesture methods: Many Appium client libraries offer their own gesture methods for specific platforms (Android or iOS). These methods are typically based on the underlying automation frameworks (e.g. UiAutomator2 for Android).


Please update latest video covering that topics.

Esaikiappan Udayakumar Replied on 11/05/2024

Today is May 11 but still didn't get any answer or resolution from any of you guys.