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Reading Data using Xls_Reader in AppKeywords File

youralok Post on 08/04/2019

I would like to read data from my excel file's new data sheet in file through Xls_Reader.

Basically, I want to put some expected data in excel file and then read that data to compare with actual data from web.

How can I acheive that?



Demo Reply on 09/04/2019

you can add the keyword for comparing the data.

In addition to that you need to add the function for the same as well


youralok Reply on 09/04/2019

Yes, I have already done that. But, am confused on reading the data from the different sheet of the xls file.

I have a keyword in Keywords sheet for validating something. Then, in Data sheet I have some data. So far, it is fine with me.

I have more data in another sheet 'Data2' which is linked to the for each cell data in Data sheet. How do I read data from Data2 through Data1?



Demo Reply on 12/04/2019

You need to change that in data provider of that test case and pass it over some logic