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Module11 - Mix of New and old Videos - Issues

Sanjiv Singh Post on 12/02/2019


Below issues are related to Selenium Java Module 11 videos on



I am wondering if i download the code today from the website, will i get all the Modules like Module9_Extension, Module9_Testng and others which is there in the video parts 5-9.

The XML files used, POM files used are difficult to find for me from the downloaded code when i start building my own projects from scratch.

The Modules i cannot find in downloaded code as per the videos, especially the old videos from 2014.



I opened Part4 in youtube.

After it completed, Part5 started autoplay and it was logically the correct continuation of part4, and also recently uploaded in 2016.

However, in, if i go and play Part5, its from year 2014 and not logical continuation of part4.

So, i am wondering, which one to follow? Recent from Youtube, or old from website?




Support Team Reply on 20/02/2019

Issue 1: Yes, the code is there.

Issue 2: We are looking into it and will be resolved soon