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Module Path Vs Class Path in eclipse

Vinay Krishna Post on 20/02/2019



Can you pls help me understand what is the diferences between Module Path and Class Path in eclipse ? 

Issue i observed :

I was trying to launch browser thorugh webdriver, i copied all Selenium jars in module path, but the code was failing with error NoClassDefFound then i cpoied all jars in class path and now i am able to launch the browser.

Can you pls help me understand why this happened ?







Demo Reply on 20/02/2019

All code that is on the classpath lives together in the "unnamed" module. All code on the modulepath lives in their own "named" modules.


Vinay Krishna Reply on 13/03/2019

not sure whether i clearly understand the details mentioned in the stackoverflow. Is it possible o explain with an example ? 



Demo Reply on 15/03/2019

A ClassPath is a sequence of classes and packages (or JARs) which are user-defined classes and built-in classes. JVM or Java Compiler requires this to compile the application or classes. A ModulePath is a sequence of Modules (which are provided in a Folder format or JAR format). If a Module is in folder format, that means it is in Module format. If it is in a JAR format, that jar is known as “Modular JAR“.