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Abhishek Parida Posted on 31/12/2019

I am creating a maven project from jenkins, browser doesn't open in my laptop but test is getting passed.

I have installed Jenkins as a Window Service.

Abhishek Parida Replied on 07/01/2020

Admin, can we get any response.

Ashish Replied on 09/01/2020

Is your project executing fine outside Jenkins?

Are you able to execute test cases with maven commands?

Abhishek Parida Replied on 09/01/2020

using mvn test in cmd prompt opens the browser.

Shriyash Khisti Replied on 11/01/2020

Have you used .exe file of Jenkin or .war file to install Jenkin, I suggest to use .war file. If you have installed using .exe then try activate the checkbox "Allow service to interact with desktop" on the service if this not work then you need to use .war file just run it from the console with "java -jar jenkins.war"

Abhishek Parida Replied on 15/01/2020

Thansk Shriyash.

To install I used .exe. After login to Jenkins I did 'Install as a Windows Profile' so that it will always be up and running in the VM. On Services I did activate the Allow to interact checkbox but still the browser doesnot open.

If I use the .war file then if I close the cmd window then Jenkis stops.

Ashish Replied on 15/01/2020

Please ping me on Skype at

Abhishek Parida Replied on 23/01/2020

I do not find that ID in Skype.

Ashish Replied on 24/01/2020

Please try again.

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