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Grid node set up

ramu.gande Post on 11/10/2018

Hi Ashish,

java -Dwebdriver.gecko.driver "F:\drivers\geckodriver.exe" "F:\drivers\IE\IEDriverServer.exe" -jar F:\jars\selenium-server-standalone-3.14.0.jar -role node -nodeConfig C:\Users\Admin\eclipse-workspace\TestNg_Paralellism\node1.json

this is the code i am firing to set up node 

Error: Could not find or load main class F:\drivers\geckodriver.exe

please help


Mohammed Reply on 12/10/2018

Hi solution to this is create a folder say for example grid in any drive in the system
Then you keep all the files in the same folder - bat file and drivers in the same folder also the json files 

you can create bat files for all nodes and just click them to start running i will share a sample here

cd "F:\grid\geckodriver.exe  
java -Dwebdriver.gecko.driver=F:\grid\geckodriver.exe\grid\chromedriver.exe -jar selenium-server-standalone-3.14.0.jar -role node -nodeConfig node1.json

put the above code into text editor and save as node1.bat you can just double click on this bat to set your nodes everytime.
This is pretty handy and neat

ramu.gande Reply on 12/10/2018

thank you so much Mohmmed,its very detailed answer,i will try it