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Eclipse Maven Plugin and Product version downloaded issue

AMIT GUPTA Post on 11/04/2019

Dear Team,

After creating DDT maven project with 'mvn:compile' and 'mvn eclipse:eclipse', i was able to import maven project in eclipse successfully with all jars but next time when i relaunch same eclipse maven project workspace i got compatibility issue for eclipse version and maven eclipse plug in issue .i am not getting any jar or project file from direct maven work space path.i have downloaded latest version of eclipse luna .

To work with maven project ,i need to open another workspace and import maven project always for working any thing on maven project file.

After troubleshotting this issue , i followed below link and still got same issue .

Could u please have a look in to it?



Support Team Reply on 12/04/2019

Right click on the project

go to maven->update

And update it once