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Didnt find jar folder after download the code

priyadarshini Post on 06/02/2019

After downloading the code there is no jar folder in the downloaded code .



Demo Reply on 06/02/2019

Please move into poi directory and you can find the jar files there

priyadarshini Reply on 06/02/2019

I am looking for  JDBC Driver connector "mysql-connector-java-"  jar file i didnt find this ,from where can i download this jar file.

i checked poi directory also .please find the screen shot of poi directory.



Demo Reply on 08/02/2019

Please, move into the directory of the Module you're following. All the related Jars are kept in the same directory.

Selenium Code - Oct 18\code\Module 28,29 - Database Testing\leadapp\WebRoot\WEB-INF\lib\mysql-connector-java-3.1.6-bin.jar

This might be the jar you're looking for.