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Ningappa Posted on 01/01/2020


I want to select the file from OpenDialogbox

There is Web dialog box, need to select file 'accounting/enterprise/admin_v_admin_A.mas'

by passing the filepath(accounting/enterprise/admin_v_admin_A.mas) in file name field its not taking, giving error message. So here we need to go in to folder by folder double clicking on it every time.

In our application we have to select the files again and again from different diferent path.

the above files i am going to select does not exist in our local machine, they comeup with inbuit under opendialog box.

Note: dialogbox is madeup by javascript so its webbased popup.

So need help in selecting the file.

Please have look on attached screenshot.

Ashish Replied on 09/01/2020

You can make use of the Actions class for this. We have a method for double click there.