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Padmaja Challa Posted on 13/01/2023

Workign on the below scenario> returning out of emmory error- after 40+ iterations (around 2gb of memory usage it's not loading the throwing error)


1. login

2. choose a selection from drop down.

3.  this page contins a web table with 100 Plus elements (services) exixts. Need to select each element >then click on preperties> validate properties (Around 12 elements need to validate)


Script is as follows:(I can't copy paste the script due to security reasons)

1. Initiate chrome driver /access the url

2. login

3. select the desired option

4. count the elements on the web table

5. start the for loop (i<= no of elements;i++) for the below actions.

 1. click on the element

2. clcik to go to prperties page

3. validate the properties (reference is the test data)

4. back to the page where the elements present

5.Again loop starts for second element


My question 

Inside the loop / out side the loop I can't use the "driver.close" and also "driver.quit" . how can I execute the script with our the Memory error?


Thans In Adcance!!!