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Navaneethakannan Venkatesan Posted on 08/08/2022

We use , javascript executor command  ( window.scrollTo) - To perform scroll operation of entire window.


What if we do scroll a section which is not entire window but is part of a page.

Ex: Attached screenshot of 'Facebook page' which is having scroll bar in left pane of the screen.

How do we handle it?


Does Action class in Java help here? (ActionChains in Python)

If yes,

(how can we handle scroll in same example? ) (as we have a 'All Friends' view can be shown only in left pane - which element can be picked and scrolled with ActionChains )

Navaneethakannan Venkatesan Replied on 10/08/2022

hello, any update on this?

Navaneethakannan Venkatesan Replied on 10/08/2022


I have managed to scroll down with the help of 'iterativelevels of Page down key' from the top element.

So keys is one solution.

if there's a quick solution with mouse , kindly update here