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Ashik Das Posted on 14/03/2022

Hello - I am getting this error when I run the code in TestNG and Java Application. Can't seem to locate or find any issues anywhere. Can you help me with this and provide me some tips/advice. Also, screenshot below shows the error message when I run the test via testng.xml file. Thank you



Ashish Replied on 15/03/2022

You have to initialize the desired capabilities object.

Have you done that?

Replied on 16/03/2022

Hello Ashish - Please see the below screenshot. It's initilized based on the instructed video



Responsive image

Ashish Replied on 21/03/2022

Try with Platform.WINDOWS in the code

Ashik Das Replied on 27/03/2022

Hi Ashish - please see below, it will work now if I just run the BaseTest class but when I run it from the testng.xml, test fails and shows the below errors. Thank you