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divya Posted on 06/01/2022

Hi sir,

How can we open a browser from outlook automatically without clicking the url.

user can manually open the email from inbox but the url in the enail body has to open automatically.

Currently am using Power automate to  send the email notification but my manager is asking me to how to automathe browser. Kindly please share any information Sir am in a deep need. 

thank you????

divya Replied on 07/01/2022

hi sir, kindly update on the above question.




divya Replied on 11/01/2022

Sir please share any info

Pravin Sharma Replied on 18/01/2022

If you are asking on how to open browser from outlook without user clicking on any link, i don't think its possible. User has to click on some link so that the browser opens. The simple way of testing it is do it manually, are you able to open browser from outlook without clicking on any url in mail?