Test is running perfectly without any issues but not getting any extent reports html file for checking reports | Selenium Forum
saiteja Posted on 29/11/2021

1. Created and Updated Extent Reports for the project using maven and used Test NG.

2. Added log in src/main/java and src/test/java folders.

3. Then ran the testng.xml file from src/test/resources folder.


1. The complete test is running perfectly and passing and date is also getting perfectly created but not getting the .html file for checking reports.

2. After running the test getting a Null Pointer exception in the log from the src/main/java folder.

Please find the attached project

Can you please help me regarding these issues

Ashish Replied on 02/12/2021

You need to call the flush function to generate the reports. Please check

saiteja Replied on 08/12/2021

Problem solved closing..