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Yogesh Biswas Posted on 30/03/2021


I am automating my project and in that after login to webpage, we have left hand hamberger manu button.Once you click on it ,it opens left side manu bar with different options.Once you click on desired manu option(ex-Initiate New Transaction) it open the right side of page with according to manu you choose from left side.Now the right side page is disabled and only intractable once you click on anywhere in right side and once you click it , it closed the left manu section and epand the whole page with right side page and now page is intractable.I am keep trying but unable to solve it.Please advice me and guide me to right direction.

It keep saying NoSuhElementException

I checked multiple window and its a only single window id


Yogesh Biswas Replied on 30/03/2021

Hi Ashish,

I am able to go one step further and found it has I switch to iframe for right side of page but the page is disabled untill you click it.I get now different error as "ElementClickInterceptedException.......Other Element would receive the click".I think due to page disabled nothing is working like wait, sleep, etc

Ashish Replied on 02/04/2021

Do you have to scroll down and click?

Yogesh Biswas Replied on 02/04/2021

Hi Ashish,

Thanks for reply.My web page is build using Pega and I am facing issue while proceeding to create script.

1)The way they build once you click on new transaction ,right side page displays but in disabled mode.and only enabled if click on somewhere on right side.As of now I found one work around but still want to know how we can make page enabled in this kind of situation.

2)In pega they have something called "Pega Model Window".Once you click on link it open a another pop up kind of window where you have to fil the required details and submit.I check it does not have different window id.Its same window id but element is not locating.No such element found error.I did some reserch and some online blog says its pega rule that blocking automation to access Model Window.Can you advice me what I can do in this situation.

I will also update if i find solutions for my fellow students help in case they face same issue.

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