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rajan.kaushik1987 Posted on 09/03/2021

Hi Ashish,

I am following video of Data driven framework with TestNG.In this,You have explained how to overcome with problem of changing requirements very well.But this was example of booking hotels and we can think what new requirements can come.But what about other applications in that might be possible we can miss what new requirements can come and we may be design of framework not according to changing requirements which should not be.What is solution for this.Might this question apperas foolish to you but I am really thinking about this. :)


Thanks in advance.

Ashish Replied on 10/03/2021

Thats why I asked you to distribute test in different @Test annotations which are reusable and configulable

rajan.kaushik1987 Replied on 11/03/2021

Okay Ashish I got your point.

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