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Petchimuthu Pandiyan Posted on 06/01/2021

Hi Ashish,

Just wanted to understand whether we can publish our own logs in Extent reporting.

we have a framework where we use our own style of reporting the logs in console window and in the report. i.e we are using sysout to publish the logs in console window and the same log can be viewed in the HTML report as well.

And client wants this HTML report to be enhanced further, so i thought like to integrate TestNG - Extent Report into our existing framework.

My question is - is there any methodology where we can integrate the existing logs in our current framework can be integrated into the Extent Report.


Petchimuthu Pandiyan






Ashish Replied on 07/01/2021

Well commands of Extent reports are different

SOP commands cannot go in extent reports

You might have to build you own functionality for this

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