How to write xpath to access disabled 3rd link | Selenium Forum
Rajyalakshmi Gubbala Posted on 10/11/2020

Hi team,

I have UI application where in home page there are 3 tabs which are links. only one tab enabled at a time. If i want to click on 3rd tab after landing in page, how to click on that link.

how to identify element.

when i am using xpath when the tab is enabled its working. if its disabled my script is not recognizing after landing as default only transaction search is in enable state.

Attached screen shot.Please suggest workaround

@FindBy(xpath="//a[@class='text-center active show']/div/span")
WebElement refundReqLookuptab;

Ashish Replied on 10/11/2020

You will get some property in css which will distinguish between enabled and disabled elements

Observe the page src carefull