I cannot seem to import java.util.ArrayList and java.utilList packages | Selenium Forum
sarka.missy Posted on 05/11/2020

Please see my code above. When I hover over 'List' and 'ArrayList' I am not getting the options to import the packages. I believe it maybe to do with missing Jars, but I can't seem to identify which ones. Please help - Many thanks.

Ashish Replied on 06/11/2020

What is the java version which you are using

sarka.missy Replied on 06/11/2020

My Java version is, version 8 update 241 (build 1.8.0_241-b07)

Ashish Replied on 08/11/2020

All I can say is that you dont have right version of java in your project.

You need to have the right version of java in order to work properly

sarka.missy Replied on 09/11/2020

I believe I do have the correct version of Java. I checked both in my MAC terminal and Java Control Panel. The version is "1.8.0_271"

Ashish Replied on 10/11/2020

Open eclipse and check java version in your project. 

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