Missing lecture video for Handling Ajax Auto Suggests, JSE & AutoIT Please fix | Selenium Forum
Monal Posted on 19/09/2020

Hi Instructor 

In vidoe "Handling Ajax Auto Suggests, JSE & AutoIT"

I only see lecture video for JavaScript Executor and its usage, but I do not see any lecture information about these topics

       Cookie management with WebDriver

  • WebDriver script - Adding, Deleting, Updating cookies
  • Installation of AutoIT
  • Usage of Finder tool in AutoIT
  • Writing script to upload in scite tool in AutoIT
  • Using the scite script in selenium script to automate uploading of files

Seems like the above mention topisc are missing

Please fix Thank you,


Ashish Replied on 22/09/2020

Please post this query on Selenium Python Forum.

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