Put multiple Web Table and Excel Data in Hashtable and compare them | Selenium Forum
Yunus Chhipa Posted on 07/09/2020

I used Xls_Reader to create a hashtable for data in excel (just like shown in video "Read excel data using HashTable").

I want to put webtable in hashtable and compare it to data in excel.

How can I put below WebTable columns in hashtable and compare them to excel?

Also I will be looping this over 2,000 time for each table and all table will have below columns but row size will be differnt.


ColumnOne = table/tbody/tr/td[1]

ColumnTwo = table/tbody/tr/td[2]

ColumnThree = table/tbody/tr/td[3]

ColumnFour = table/tbody/tr/td[4]

ColumnFive = table/tbody/tr/td[5]

ColumnSix = table/tbody/tr/td[6]

Ashish Replied on 11/09/2020

This is simple, Here all you need to do is to read the thead tag cells for key and tbody/tr tag cells for value as shown in the image below.

Responsive image