Webdriver error in Safari Mobile - Request does not match any route | Selenium Forum
Arif Aman Posted on 19/08/2020


While I was trying to process any payment using store credit, after entering the credit amount when I clicked to submit, I am getting this error.

"Request does not match any route"

Can't see any such errors in other browsers.


Kindly help

Ashish Replied on 19/08/2020

This is more or less 404 error

You have to talk to the developer once

Its not able to send request to the server

Arif Aman Replied on 19/08/2020


but it is only throwing this error for safari, for other browsers all good

Ashish Replied on 19/08/2020

Yes because of some security concerns

Safaridriver Selenium is also not that much Stable

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