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Petchimuthu Pandiyan 5 days go


Can we automate the windows authentication via Selenium. After launching the application URL, am getting username & password popup and I require to enter my credentials.

Can the above scenario be achieved . I have tried but I could not enter the credentials in the popup. could you help me in resolving this issue.

this scenario must work in IE & chrome. Appreciated any help on this



Petchimuthu Pandiyan

Ashish 3 days ago

Yes you can

But you will have to use Auto IT in that

In the Module - " uploading and downloading files with selenium" , I have covered Auto IT

Petchimuthu Pandiyan 3 days ago

Thanks Ashish. Yes, we can achieve it via Auto IT. But all my scripts are configured and will execute in Jenkins, Auto IT doesn't detect in Jenkins run. So I would like to know is there any other way to automate this feature. could you let me know other way to handle this