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Anjali C Posted on 23/07/2020

While upgrading to testNG 7.0, I am getting the following page.


Thought it could be resolved by updating eclipse from LUNA to the current one. Added the new version.

But while checking for updates, I got this message

How do you update from LUNA to the current version?




Ashish Replied on 24/07/2020

In that case you must already have 7.0 testng

Replied on 25/07/2020

I removed the old version by clicking on 'what is already installed' before trying to install 7.0.

Below is the error I get.


Responsive image

Ashish Replied on 30/07/2020

Try restarting eclipse before uninstalling.

After restart, uninstall testng and then again restart eclipse

once done try installing testng now

Anjali C Replied on 31/07/2020

I already said I uninstalled 6.9. So how can I do step1 now?

 Installed the latest eclipse and testNG 7.0 without issues. Not sure if it is a good practice to have more than one version of eclipse.

Ashish Replied on 31/07/2020

You can have any number of instances of the eclipse. Just make sure that your system is capable of bearing all the load in case you run eclipse parallelly.

Anjali C Replied on 01/08/2020


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